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for the Future

Learn how new regulations require a different way of handling identity data


Trusted By

The First Fully Private ID Verification


Age Verification

Verify that your users are over 18 to access sensitive content

Block Bots & Second Accounts

Ensure everyone signing up is a human, not a bot, or disallow second accounts. 


Citizenship Filters

Only serve allowed jurisdictions, or reliably backlist others, VPN proof


Private Data, Private Verification

We focus on keeping your users' data private,
you focus on scaling


Embrace New Regulations

UK's Online Safety Bill

Contains a provision requiring social media platforms to perform identity verification

EU's Digital Services Act

Requires platforms to perform age verification and be better at detecting bots

US' Kids Online Safety Act

Requires platforms to perform age verification


What The Experts Say

Santiago Siri

Proof of Humanity


Proof of Humanity is one of Outdid's use cases. We are looking forward to this fruitful collaboration.

Alex Botezatu

Head of Business at Aurora Labs


OutDID addresses a set of topical issues: tightening regulations and the growing demand on using customer data while keeping it private. So topics like Zero Knowledge has almost became a new buzzword 🙂 OutDID is not about buzzwords though - they are building a very promising and balanced solution. It is a great pleasure to me to chat with Zvezdin and Ana-Maria - their eyes are really looking up and they are passionate about OutDID’s prospects. 

Alex has been working with OutDID since June 2022, when Aurora Labs gave them a $50k grant to develop its disruptive technology

Alexi Ned

Advisor & Angel Investor

The team at OutDID is capable while willing to learn and execute on their vision. Disrupting an entrenched industry like Identity is a hard task but I think with their strong determination they will manage to do it.

Alexi has been working with OutDID's team since January 2022, before the idea even emerged - first in his position as a strategic advisor, and later on as an angel investor. 


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