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Identity verification for the future.
Fraud resistant. Scalable. Cost efficient.

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"Solves compliance issues for entire industries"

"A balance between tightening regulations and privacy"

Private verification means advantages


Fraud resistant

Suspected fraud of identity documents is as high as 13,2%. Our solution guarantees that documents are 100% authentic.


Reduction in cost

Cheaper verifications vs other ID verification providers, plus no costs & compliance around storing & processing personal information.


Verifications capacity

Our innovative Zero-Knowledge technology allows us to handle unexpected surges in demand with no sweat.


Verification time, every time

Once the user completes the required actions, the verification result comes within seconds, every time.

1 tap

All subsequent verifications

After the first verification, users can verify with any other compatible website in 1 click.

Private verification means




Of any personal information

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Behold, Outdid

A B2B service which verifies the identities of your users, fully privately.

Local scanning

User scans their ID using our app. Their data stays on their phone.

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Local ZK processing

Outdid’s novel ZK algorithm generates a credential, which only contains what you need to verify.

Result submission

The credential is sent to you for quick & instant verification. No more data needed!

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Frequently asked questions

How is Outdid private?
We have designed a special algorithm, leveraging tried and tested research in the field of Zero Knowledge Proofs, which is able to verify government documents on the user's device, without sending it to any third party (including us).
What user data do you collect?
None! Our entire value proposition is a fully private verification. We don't know who gets verified, just that they are verified.
What type of businesses can integrate with Outdid?
According to recent regulations:

- Any web platform which could serve age-restricted content at any point of time, must ensure that all of their users have been age-verified.
- Social media platforms must ensure that everyone signing up is a real, unique human, to limit the spread of misinformation.

In addition, anyone looking to verify something about their users could be interested in Outdid. This is especially true for mass-market platforms, which may find it difficult to convince users to perform ID verification if it isn't private.
Can this do full, regulated KYC too?
Not as of this moment, but it's on the roadmap. Contact us to let us know what use case you have and we can let you know when we'll be ready for you.

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